Thursday May 2nd was another fabric store day, and I wore my me-made cow print tank top (from pattern soon to be released) and me made knickers (not pictured;-)) as well as H&M jeans and a cardigan (supposedly cashmere… I don’t know, but it’s soft and lovely) from the big market in Aix en Provence, which I got last summer when we were on vacation in Southern France.


Today, Friday May 3rd is work-at-MariaDenmark (i.e. from home) day and I’ve spend the morning doing accounting stuff and processing some pictures. Working from home allows me to taking a break to go outside and enjoy the sun. And so I did.

I’m wearing me-made Birgitte Basic Tee in a boat-neck version (fitted well with the water theme, I thought) – and also some fleece super socks in my wellies. And since this themeFriday subject for Me-Made-May is water, I thought I’d get a picture of me watering the beds.


I spend a couple of hours this afternoon working in the garden getting the beds ready and planting potatoes, fava beans and lettuce. We are about a month late with the earth temperature this year, and crops will be a bit delayed.