Me made May 6th – and a modification of the lounge trousers

Monday (MMM day 6) saw me wearing my favourite pair of Laura Lounge Trousers. I haven’t shown them on the blog before – so it’s about time. Especially since these still very comfortable lounge trousers can actually be worn outside the house (For grocery shopping – and they were perfect when I wore them on the plane) – and they are very easy to copy.


I made these trousers in a grey sweatshirt fabric with dark grey ribbing. In short what I did was that I added patch pockets with zippers on top of the side seams, and added cuffs to the hem.

Here’s how:

I used MariaDenmark Laura Lounge Trousers and cut it per the pattern – except I shortened each leg by 3 cm.


For the pockets I cut 2 pieces of 16 cm x 13 cm (converter to imperial can be found here) and 2 pieces of 16 cm x 6 cm (to have two sets for two pockets). I pressed 1 cm under at the top of the large piece and the bottom of the smaller piece so that they now measured 16 cm x 12 cm and 16 cm x 5 cm. I then stitched the zippers in place. (not very straight, though. I considered pretending to you guys that I had had some child help me with the stitching – but really: It was just me in a rush to get these finished and I didn’t even notice until later..)

Then I overlocked (serged) around the edge of each pocket.

I had already sewn the side seam of each leg, but not the inseams. I placed the pockets where I wanted them (I just held up the trousers and decided and then pinned the pockets in place). I made sure the placement was the same on both legs, then I stitched just on top of the overlock seam.


Then I just did as the pattern says – inseam, crotch seam, waistband.

For the cuffs I cut 2 pieces of ribbing 25 cm x 15 cm, stitched the seam and folded and pressed it wrong sides together (just like the waistband).


I then sewed to rows of gathering stitches (long stitch length and loose needle thread tension) to the hem of each leg and gathered each hem to fit a cuff. I made sure to align the cuff seam with the inseam and to match the raw edges. I then stitched the cuffs to the hems, pressed the seam allowances up, and voila!


Monday was work-at-Mariadenmark-day so I was at the computer doing patternmaking stuff all morning, then at the post office and then had lunch with my husband at a café. Then I went home and the sun was out and it was lovely (20 degrees C (68 F)) so I went to work in the garden. I had planned to do some sewing later, but instead we made a bonfire to get rid of all the twigs and ended up cooking dinner on the bonfire.


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  1. Scruffy badger says:

    Nice mods to your lounge trousers Maria ! Thanks for the method too, and you are funny, your sewing does not look like a child’s done it, but it made me laugh!! I’ve bought some double knit to make my next pair….but whilst it’s warm that won’t be happening.
    Now, your barefoot lawnmowing….very brave but it feels as if its liberating. I know I’d be sure to step on something spikey if I tried it.

    • mariadenmark says:

      Thank you, Winnie!

      And the bare feet with the lawn mower was just for the photo. I put on my very ugly garden shoes right after the pic was taken!
      We already lost the warmth again – now it’s raining and I’m bringing out my Minoru! We have a national holiday tomorrow, and we are going to an indoor tropical waterpark with my mum and my brother and the rest of the family – so I get to bring out my swimwear again! Yay!


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