It’s Just a Tank Top…

What do I see over there

{In the midlle of my kitchen garden}

{In the middle of my kitchen garden}


Let’s get closer

(and ignore all the mess. My garden is for eating, and sometimes I don't get to move things out of the way...)

(and ignore all the mess. My garden is for eating, and sometimes I don’t get to move things out of the way…)

And closer

There it is

There it is

Yes. It’s Just a Tank Top – The newest of my patterns:

I struggled to find a name for this top - and kept saying: It's just a tank top. So that's what it's called

I struggled to find a name for this top – and kept saying: It’s just a tank top. So that’s what it’s called

While I call it “just a tank top” it’s a brilliant basics that you can wear for any occasion. Sometimes the simplest is the best!

And this pattern is perhaps the most versatile basics of all!

A tank top of any colour or pattern can be worn with jeans or shorts for casual wear, a plain coloured or subtle print tank can be layered with a thin cardigan or blazer jacket for office wear and you could make one in a glittery jersey – or animal print – to wear with skinny jeans and heels for a night out.

Have fun using any kind of print – including kid’s jerseys – and use matching or contrasting ribbing to finish the armholes and the neckline.

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Or you can go find the pattern on Craftsy:


Talk to you soon! (I want to tell you about the humongous sewing project I’m doing for my parents. Humongous – I tell you. But that’s the least I can do…)


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  1. Scruffy badger says:

    Yay!! I’ve been eager anticipation for this….and I shall be test running my first one this morning 🙂
    They are super quick to make, and I attempted to whip two up in an hour and a half last night- from cutting fabric to sewing I almost did it. But it means that I have not tried either on yet, but have faith in your styling and sizing, as you’re usually spot on. Hurrah, it’s just a tank, but is going to be well used I know!


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