Sewing with knits can sometimes be a challenge even for some experienced sewers, when they are not used to the techniques. In the free pattern you get when you sign up for my newsletter, there is a very thorough step-by-step explanation of how to pin and sew the ribbing neckband to the t-shirt.

But for about 25% of all sewers, audio and video is much better to teach new techniques. (It’s all about learning styles – one of the thing I enjoyed exploring when I was teaching middle school). So it’s completely natural that I got quite a lot of questions like this one from Christina:

Hi Maria. Please, would you mind showing the process of binding the t-shirt neckline with a ribbing – specifically when you quarter mark – in a video? I just can’t get my head around the pictures in the pattern. And the neckline is one of the things I find really challenging when sewing with knits.


And of course I’ll show her – and you!

Here is a video of pinning of measuring, figuring out the length  of the ribbing and quarter marking the neckline when sewing with knits:



If your learning style is leaning more towards text and pictures, here is the same information for pinning and sewing the neckline ribbing when sewing with knits:


Preparing the ribbing:

Measure the length of the neckline.
To figure out the length of the neckline ribbing to use, use the length of the neckline and subtract 15 %, then add seam allowances.  For instance: If your neckline measures 70 cm, cut the neckline ribbing (70 cm – 15%) = 60 cm + 2 cm seam allowance = 62 cm.

Fold the neckline ribbing piece in half at the long side, wrong sides together, and press. Unfold and sew the ends together with 1 cm (3/8”) seam allowance, so that the neckline ribbing forms a ring.


Sewing with knits - preparing the neckline

Fold the ribbing in half, wrong sides together – Sew the ends together, to make the ribbing form a ring


 Quarter mark the neckline and the neckline ribbing following the method described below:

For the neckline: Align the shoulder seams on top of each other to establish the centre front and back. Pin at centre front and back. Align the centre front and back on top of each other to establish the side quarter marks. Pin the side quarter marks.


quarter marking the neckline. Sewing with knits

Quarter mark the neckline


For the neckline ribbing: Place a pin at the seam (centre back) and the opposite fold (centre front). Align the pins for centre front and center back on top of each other to establish the side quarter marks. Pin the side quarter marks.

Quarter marking the ribbing - sewing with knits

Quarter mark the neckline ribbing


Attaching the ribbing to the neckline:

Pin the neckline ribbing to the neckline, aligning the quarter marks.

Pin the ribbing to the neckline, right sides together. Align the raw edges of the ribbing with the raw edges of the neckline.

Stitch, stretching the neckline ribbing as you sew. And then you just have to press the neckline seam allowance downwards – and you’re ready to roll!



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