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Trousers are relatively simple to sew, but they can be a nightmare to fit, because there are so many curves and spaces that go together. No pattern will fit all people the same – there are so many variables in a trouser pattern that to get one to fit you well, you need to alter the pattern.

This FIT-n-SEW-along is different from other trouser sew-alongs because it focuses on how you can fit your trousers yourself – even as a beginning sewist! It’s a relatively simple method and one that doesn’t require a muslin (all though you could make one if you’d like). I am no expert (and I am not a certified tissue-fitter!) but I have been using this method for almost a decade and have been very happy with my results. Recently I’ve experimenting with fitting other people and have looked at body spaces as a way to simplify the fitting process. But I’m constantly learning as well, and always interested in learning more, so I’d love to hear your ideas.

We are going to start by evaluating the pattern and comparing crotch curves and bodyspaces. Then we are going to get the pattern ready for tissue fitting and will tissue fit it to our individual bodies (I will leave room for Q &A’s and will help in evaluating fit).

After the tissue fitting we will move on to cutting and marking the fabric and getting the trousers ready for the pin fitting, then we’ll do the actual pin fitting (with another post for evaluating your fitting issues and for Q and A). Then we just need to finish sewing the trousers, and we’ll finish off with a bunch of really nice fitting wide legged trousers.

We are almost ready to begin. Did you see the post about required materials for the Fit-along? Start collecting your stuff so that you can be ready when I post the first instalment next week-end.


Here are some buttons for your own blog (if you have one) if you’d like to help tell the world about this Fit-n-Sew-along:

The button codes etc has been removed. They are no longer needed 🙂


Now I’ll go getting all the final pieces together for the pattern to be ready!

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  1. Lauren says:

    I would love to do this! It is exciting to learn about how to make pants that fit! What kind of fabric is recommended for the trousers?

    • mariadenmark says:

      Hi Lauren. Yay, one more:-)
      In the previous post you’ll find all you the stuff you need for the trousers.
      About the fabric: For the wide legged trousers, you want to use something medium weight (bottom weight) with drape. To get an idea of what I mean, have a look at my Pinterest Trouser board – I’m especially inspired by the very wide legged trousers! Depending on your size and the width of the fabric you need about 2.5 meters for the MariaDenmark Wide Legged Trousers.


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