Making gifts for men: Christmas crafting part 2

Are you making Christmas gifts for men? Here are some ideas!

Edited to add: I have added a few more ideas from the comments (continue to add to the list – we will all appreciate it nect year :-)).I am just adding them real fast, but might elaborate later.

Do you have your gift-list ready?

I don’t. I never do in time. Also – there is always some unexpected gift that I have to get at the very last minute.

But the main reason that the list isn’t done is the men.

Yes. I don’t know why, but the men in my life are so hard to get presents. They either don’t wish for anything, or the thing they want is some technical feature that cost more than my entire gift budget. Is it the same for you?

The Tree at my In-laws two years ago. Might be a few homemade things in the packages..

The Tree at my In-laws two years ago. Might be a few homemade things in the packages..

I thought I would go through some of the handmade christmas presents I have made and gifted, as an inspiration to you all 🙂 And also I might mention some that I would like to make (hypothetically, of course, since family members might read here..)


Gifts For Men (young and old):

Placemats and napkins. A few years ago, I made a set of these (4 of each) for my then bachelor brother (who was in his mid-twenties at the time). I made them in black cotton and embroidered with silver thread on the placemats. I simply cut two pieces of cotton for each placemat (the size I wanted + 1 cm seam allowance all around), interfaced one of the pieces with black iron on interfacing, and embroidered using my machine. I did some chinese or japanese signs  (which went with the decor he had). I then placed the pieces right sides together, stitched around the edge (but leavin a hole to turn through) before I clipped corners, turned and pressed. I then edgestitched (topstitched) around and closed the hole in the process. I did not quilt them!!
The napkins were cut (40 cm x 40 cm)  and then hemmed using the rolled hem on my serger (with black thread.). They were were well recieved and he used them a lot.  You don’t need a pattern for this project (but google for one, and you will find!). And embridory isn’t necessary either.


Fleece socks. I make a lot of these every year. Mostly because we live in an old house and guests need to wear them to not get cold. And I don’t want to waist my knitting on slipper socks:-) There are so many patterns out there – including  free tutorials. And of course there is also my MariaDenmark Super Socks pattern!
I have also made them as gifts – Once packaged with a matching fleece blanket (a large fleece piece, edges with overlock stitches) and some tea (for my brother, again). Once with several pairs of socks in different sizes – pakced in a drawstring back labelled “guests” – the idea being that the recipient could use the socks for their guests, like we do. This was not for a man, but could have been (if he had a cold house:-))


Soap and shaving soap. I realise this is not for everyone – but I have enjoyed making soap for years (and it’s really easy!) and many years ago (before I met Dennis, even) I cooked old fashioned shaving soap for all the men on my gift-list. (I have the recipe somewhere, should you be interested, but there are several on-line) I put the shaving soap in a personalised cup and added a shaving brush to the package (but no razor, all though I guess I could have). The recipients (my dads and one of my brothers) all liked the gift and came back asking for more, when they had used it. They liked it better than the store bought kind. (The same year I also made a home made saddle soap for my sister – and she wanted more, too!)

Maybe a laundry bag like this - but with an applique on front?

Maybe a laundry bag like this – but with an applique on front?

Laundry Bags. This would be perfect for brothers just moving out or something like that – big canvas bags to haul to the laundrette, or to hang on hooks in the bathroom (I used to have some (in my first appartment) with program settings appliqued on (90*, 40*, wool), so I could sort directly into the bags. I still do that (all though I use baskets now I have more space). I found this tute and this, and there are many more!


Aprons etc. Everybody cooks from time to time. But it seems like most men prefer to cook on special occasions – and they can talk for hours about special ingredients and processes etc. For those people I might consider making a set of apron, potholders, and french press cozy. All in appropiate design. Modern and that goes with their taste and style. Most men would prefer gray or black, perhaps even ecru and brown – but i don’t know any who would like flowers on their potholders. Google for patterns, if you like. There are so many to chose from.

I knit this for Dennis 2 years ago. The pattern is very versatile!

I knit this for Dennis 2 years ago. The pattern is very versatile!


-Hats and mittens. This is going to be my big thing this year. I noticed that especially one of my dads use a very old acrylig knit hat – and he is going to get a new one knit in luxury camel yarn from the shop. I really enjoy knitting this pattern, but for my dads it will get a cuff. My brothers will get it as it is.


– Knitted socks. I didn’t mention those the first time around, even though I am actually making some this year. Only for men, who really appreciate a woollen sock – as they are very time consuming and often incredibly boring to knit (most men like one colour, no patterns!)


– Pyjamas or lounge pants. Great for the yonger men or boys – but also, I could see myself making these for my son and my husband in a fun print.


– Cookies. Tini mentioned cookies. I don’t like to bake, butif you do, it’s a brilliant idea. Also I could imagine doing homemade cookie-in-a-jar gifts for the cooking guys (along with an apron or something like that). Or what about Soup-in-a-jar… Or cocoa.. there are plenty of ideas out there (google “homemade gifts in a jar”)!


I am settled on hats for the dads and brothers this year. Now I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas for homemade gifts for men – there are birthdays coming up,too ! Share share 🙂 I’ll be back with Christmas crafting part 3 in a few days – with fast homemade gift ideas for the women (much,much easier!) and perhaps even the kids (that is difficult, though!).

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  1. Katie says:

    Hee hee! I have quite a few hats on my gifting list as well – all the kids cousins are getting knit hats! I’m also making some fleece pullovers from a Kwik Sew pattern for my brother and Dad.

    Men are so hard to gift for!!

  2. Tini says:

    socks… Actually, the only guy I’m knitting these for is my Dad, since he loves them and he wears them.

    PJs. Heiko likes his pjs, that I made him. The kids liked theirs too.

    Cookies (always welcome with the men in my family)

    Since we drew lots for the adults in my family, I don’t make a lot of stuff for men for christmas but my Dad’s birthday is in December. I don’t sew or knit for my in-law-family either. The men in that part don’t appreciate handmade stuff….

    btw. vores tvillinger vill gaa till den danske boernehavn 🙂

    • mariadenmark says:

      Sweetie – that is so exciting – then I’ll be able to comminucate with them (and you guys wont understand half 😉 Mohahahaha)When will they be old enough? to go. At three?

      Cookies are a great idea! (I don’t bake, but others, like you, are very good at it) Also. Maybe homemade Cookie-in-a-jar for the cooks,would be an idea…

  3. Alli (One Pearl Button) says:

    Yes, men are so difficult to craft for! In addition to things on this list, I’ve also done stenciled t-shirts, etched beer/cocktail mugs, sewn ties, embroidered cufflinks, and handmade handkerchiefs. If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t even begun to think about gifts this year yet – ack!

  4. Janet says:

    I have been looking for info like this. I would like to make presents for my brother-in-law, and my daughters boyfriends. I think I even have a pattern for fleece socks from Jalie. And also the table linens is a cool idea too because one of them is in his early 20’s. Thanks!

  5. Mary says:

    These are great ideas for men (I can’t wait to read your women’s list too). I would love to see your recipe for shaving soap. My husband switched up to using real shaving soap and a brush about a year ago and he hasn’t looked back. He has trouble finding good soap though.

    I have been knitting the Antler hat pattern found on Ravelry (free from TinCan knits) and it has been a big hit with him too.

    I already make these things for him on a regular basis. He’s so tall he just about has to have custom knits and PJ’s (I can find extra tall shirts in RTW affordably but good sweaters are more difficult). Your blog post made me think maybe I could embroider a tiny discreet tag with something only he would “get” to make it extra special for Christmas. That and maybe amping up to a more luxury fiber or fabric. This was a great post – thank you!!

  6. Aless says:

    I love these ideas,Maria. I too would like the shaving soap recipe for my bearded husband (yes, men who have beards DO shave- at least the tidy,elegant ones do !!).
    One year my adult son asked if I could make cotton lounging pants for Christmas- he lives in a semi-tropical city. I made them from cool checks and also some whacky fabrics!! He LOVED them!! The next year he asked for cotton boxer shorts for the really humid weather!
    I am definitely going to make a whole heap of the fleecy socks.We live in a warm state but it gets very cold in winter, especially for our visitors (adult children) from the semi-tropical state!! 🙂 They always complain and borrow OUR slippers, so now they can have some of their own. I’ll add non-slip soles for the non-carpeted surfaces.
    I hope others also keep the ideas coming. Thanks for those who have already contributed. (Now I must get out my Danish dictionary……) 😉


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