First of all – sorry for my absence. A mean bug decided to invade me and I have been sick (yes, really, not just ill) for over a week. It’s the kind of bug that’ll let you think you are okay then BAM drag you bag to bed. I think I’m better now, knock on wood. This post was partly written when the bug hit, and now I’m just going to post it..

Wow! You guys are amazing! Amazing!

Here I go and post two posts in a row asking to give me your opinions. And not only do I get a lot of answers. I get really well thought out answers that I can totally use when figuring out how to focus my energies and what to work towards.

Thank you!


{A new pattern on the way... Guesses?}

{A new pattern on the way… Guesses?}

I will post some results when I have them properly analysed and thought about them. But let me just tell you. I’m thinking I should continue to make fitting instructions with the patterns – because fitting must be the biggest frustration for sewers today – and there is really no need for that. It’s just techniques that can be learned.

So January has been for accounting, planning, translating, teaching and considering. February is still translating and teaching and planning and NEW PATTERNS!

{Smocking on a waistband... Could it be stylish lounge trousers?}

{Smocking on a waistband… Could these be stylish lounge trousers?}

I get a tiny bit distracted with new design ideas basicly all the time, but a meeting with my mentor made me realize that while inspiration is good, it will not let me finish products to sell if I get sidetracked. So I should sketch and describe any new idea, but really try to hold on to what I’m working on and my production plan.

Right now I’m finishing up two patterns – and making my first version of a third pattern I’m considering to release (one of those that just popped into my head).

{A toile}

{A toile}

I’ll be back soon with some FOs and a pattern release…